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In the present competition, each company needs to permanently attract new customers. With us you can make it!

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Each company has to provide its customers with necessary care and support to ensure its successful operation. We will make it our job for you!



Why should you buy expensive technology and software for your own call centre, if you can lease it from us at zero capital cost?

Our 3 building pillars

Our company employs professionals in the right place, ready to help you improve your business.
Our success is based on excellent technologies, internal processes, which are subject to ongoing development
over our 10-year history, and our highly skilled human resources.

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Crystal Call is our reliable partner on the Slovakian and Czech markets for over 12 years.
They are extraordinarily successful in selling loans, credit cards and other products for
us, handling the sensitive personal information of our clients.
For this reason, we appreciate very much their perfectly managed technical safety and
security measures guaranteeing maximum data protection.
Eva Urbánková, Home Credit

What our clients say

Services provided by ZSE require very extensive communication with a huge number of
clients. More than 40,000 calls, a large number of e-mails and postal shipments need
to be arranged on a monthly basis.
We are glad to find such a reliable and professional partner to cover this activity as
comprehensively as Crystal Call. The high level of customer satisfaction in terms of
communication, addressing customer questions and requirements is proven by the
results of the Mystery call qualitative survey.

Jozef Foksa, ZSE Energia, a.s., member of E.on

What our clients say

Cooperating with Crystal Call, we can provide high-level communication with clients
in 6 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We also appreciate their high level of technical safety and security measures that enable us
to guarantee the maximum level of handled sensitive data protection to our clients.

Róbert Farkaš, Skytoll

What our clients say

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