We aim to provide our clients with a comprehesive portfolio of services of the highest possible quality. Our employees attend regular trainings to be able to respond all clients’ request and to and provide them with a due care.

Portfolio of services provided by Crystal Call includes mainly activities in active “Front Office” and “Back Office” Services.

Outbound telemarketing

We believe that telemarketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools for communication with clients.

Do you need to win a new customer? Do you wish to address the existing ones? Do you need to understand their behaviour and needs or to assess the potential of your products and services at the market? Then active phone contacting is the best choice for you.

A regularly trained team

Our employees are trained mainly to improve their communication technique and skills, to adopt active listening and dealing with objections and assertiveness.

CRM system

Our operators register all relevant information of the addressed clients; the information can be then assessed and exported directly to your system.

Inbound telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is an important form of communication between companies and their end customers.

Use telemarketing to get an important feedback on your products and services and to provide your end customers with a opportunity to respond to any existing issues or to eliminate problems. The most frequently used forms of inbound telemarketing provided to our clients are: information lines, customer support lines, ordering lines and client service centres.

IVR technology

Adoption of IVR means availability of information for your clients even outside working hours of operators and the entire line.

Project Manager

Each inbound telemarketing line has assigned its own Project Manager who is responsible for the overall implementation and results.

Other activities

Portfolio of our services and comprehensive solutions is not restricted to telemarketing only.

We also offer other services, which can be used as a proper supplement of your telemarketing campaign, and other independent activities focused on clients or on development of your business activities.

We will be glad to lease to you our call-centre technology under favourable terms and to provide your staff with necessary trainings. Additionally, we can make available to you our B2B databases, find any missing contacts or “clean” your databases by elimination of outdated contacts.

Regularly trained team

We can support each telemarketing campaign implemented by our call centres by direct mailing, e-mailing or comprehensive SMS services.

CRM system

We can flexibly set up and, with the client’ assistance, provide a relevant assessment of each telephone call.

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