Acquisition of new customers

In the present competition, each company needs to permanently attract new customers. With us you can make it!

Our objective is to provide you with an effective acquisition channel bringing to you new business opportunities and improving the awareness of your company and allowing you to attract wider groups of potential clients. Besides the so-called cold calls we also offer services focused on obtaining consents with further contacting and thus we can prepare for you a database of clients which can be contacted directly by you and/or your dealers.

Address a proper target group

Thanks to our extensive and constantly updated databases, we can select a target group which is tailored for you. We can then address the group in a professional and informal way.

Use supplementary marketing activities

The telephone acquisition can be properly supplemented by further marketing activities, such as e.g. direct mailing or direct e-mailing with marketing information on your company and products.

Present your company or directly offer your products and services to clients.

Contact us and we will develop a price offer for you for tailor-made services to match your needs.

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Telesales, cross-sale and up-sale activities

Our operators are organised in groups by their specialisation considering their personal preferences and skills, therefore we can sell by phone in fact anything you could think of.

The success is based on professional and trained operators

To maximise the results, each operator is motivated to increasing sales in form of personal evaluation and involvement in various internal motivating competitions. High-quality product trainings and trainings in selling and reasoning skills are provided as a standard.

Our long-term experience in telephone sales and many happy clients are the guarantee of top quality of our services.

We offer tailor-made solutions

Depending on the type of your product and the addressed clients, we will offer to you a tailor-made solution with recommendations of the best-fit type of telephone sale.

By this form of sale we offer our extensive and daily updated databases. We can use our databases to prepare complete cross-sale and up-sale programmes with maximum added value and as efficient as possible.

Ask us to prepare the price offer for you for tailored telesales services. We will be glad to help you.

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Collection of receivables and reminders

If you have any overdue receivables, you can use our extensive experience with collection of long-term and short-term receivables.

An effective method for collection of bad debts or arrears owed to your company is a telephone reminder. Besides telephone reminders, we can also apply other forms of addressing debtors by direct e-mails, mail or SMS.

Our operators attend regular trainings in communication techniques, including trainings in assertive communication with clients and, as a result, they are very good at reasoning and know how to resist pressure exerted by clients.

This service ensures a maximum extent of collection with minimum cost thanks to our unique know-how and skills. You will get an immediate feedback from your debtors and use it as the basis for your further necessary legal steps or a decision to sell the receivables.

If you need to minimise or reduce the number of your receivables or politely remind your debtors, our experts will be glad to prepare a draft text for you with the best way of addressing the clients, aiming to get maximum use of the spent financial funds.

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Market research by phone

We can use researches to find out what is the public awareness of your company or brand, satisfaction of your clients with the provided services or effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

This will help you in preparation and planning of your future marketing activities.

If you need to get a better understanding of your clients’ needs and opinions, the best way is the research by phone. The key advantage is that it is targeted and enables to flexibly respond to clients’ knowledge and skills right away during the phone call.

Market research by phone

A research by phone is also a good option if you plan to launch a new product to the market and you wish to know beforehand what respond can be expected, or if you plan to expand to other countries and you need to understand the potential of foreign markets. As we are a MULTILINGUAL call centre, we are able to make researches at foreign markets under very favourable terms.

Evaluation, reports and statistics

Our experts will prepare dedicated electronic questionnaires allowing for transparent recording of data from telephone calls in accordance with your ideas and requirements. After completion of the market research, we will deliver to you full database of respondents and summary reports and statistics in accordance with your instructions. It stands to reason that reports are sent on an ongoing basis by agreed deadlines so that you always have available the necessary preliminary and up-to-date results of the research.

Know your clients and their opinions, find out the potential of your products and get the customers’ feedback.

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Retention programs

In many cases, a professionally designed and implemented retention programme is the last resort to retaining a leaving customer. Rely on us.

Client retention by phone is based on our professional approach, quality and informal dealing with clients considering their diverse types and needs.

Our operators attend regular trainings

Our operators attend regular trainings in communication techniques and methods of dealing with clients. Their work is monitored by managers in charge to ensure the top quality of the provided services.

Our professionals will be glad to help you with choosing the best way of how to deal with your clients, preparation of an optimal phone call scenario and selection of the best timing for contacting your clients.

Prolongation of the binding period or further prepayment of products and services

Our services are a good choice for you even if you need to prolong the binding period for the existing clients or to address the client with an offer to prepay their products and services.

Use our know-how and our many years of our operators’ experience with retention programmes and have the statistical reports showing numbers of “saved” clients sent every day. Of course, upon your request, we can support phone retention with a targeted mailing, e-mailing or SMS services. Client retention is our strong point. You can rely on us.

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Arrangement of business meetings

Do you need to find new business opportunities? Do you wish to improve efficiency of your dealers’ work? Or do you need to promote the sale of your products? We are here for you! We can arrange a business meeting for you. And what is more: we can save your time.

We will help you to target a best-fit group of potential clients and to arrange business meetings or attendance at your professional presentations and workshops.

Improve the potential of your dealers and make them spend their working time as efficiently as possible. Use our services for arranging business meetings for your employees so that your employees could spend their time on things they are paid for to make your profits.

We can develop a proper telemarketing programme for you, helping you to improve efficiency of your sales department and to attract new business opportunities.

We will arrange an exactly defined number of meetings in selected locations and enter them directly in your dealers’ time schedule and provide you with the clients’ feedback on their satisfaction with the attended meeting. We will obtain the clients’ feedback information through phone satisfaction surveys. We can provide the information on a daily basis.

We will arrange presence of a defined number of attendees to your presentations, sales promotion campaigns, exhibitions and/or events. Each participant will obtain from us an invitation or a reminder in form of an e-mail, letter or SMS.

Contact us and let us help you.

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Mystery shopping a mystery calls

Your employees’ approach to clients, their behaviour and quality of services provided by them must be of key importance for you. If you need an independent verification of how your employees act when dealing on behalf of your company, the best choice are mystery calls and mystery shopping.

We can draft a proper script for discussion

Our experts will prepare a proper call script, to ensure relevant information and sufficient understanding of your employees’ approach to clients. Our call centres have many years of experience with mystery calls and with checks over quality of provided services.

If you have your own call centre, and/or an internal network of dealers, we can provide you with an efficient and independent check of actual performance and quality of their work. We can precisely measure the expertise and willingness of each call operator and/or employee without having the evaluation distorted by an “internal view” and with no risk of leakage of information of such check.

We will record your calls

All evaluation calls can be recorded and the records can be then analysed with our experts who will provide you with proper advice and recommendations on the areas that need to be improved by your employees. Additionally, we can provide you with tailored trainings for your employees in the areas of their major deficiencies.

Ask us to prepare a price offer for mystery calls and mystery shopping services.

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Welcome calls

If you want to provide your new clients with top quality services and make them feel unique, check our offer for welcome calls.

Thank your clients for the trust they have in your company. Additionally, the welcome calls will help you to better understand your clients, their needs and requests. Our experts will propose the best form and timing for contacting your clients to thank them for their trust, to provide them with further details and/or respond their questions.

Welcome calls are a unique tool opening room for further communication with the client, mainly to offer new products and services. Welcome calls will help you to make an impression on the client. Additionally, welcome calls are a perfect opportunity to inform the client with your existing client care system.

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Financial brokerage

If your company provides financial services and you need to extend your client portfolio, to make a targeted appeal to wider groups of potential clients, or increase your sales, we offer cooperation in financial brokerage.

We will be glad to make use of our many years of experience in financial brokerage and a successful cooperation with a number of financial institutions in Slovakia and abroad. A specialised group of our operators is regularly trained in financial services, products and communication techniques.

We can connect our call centres via secured transmissions with your company and software, in which we can directly record the obtained data and terms agreed with the client.

In cooperation with our partners, we can provide you with comprehensive financial brokerage services, mainly back office activities (printing of contracts, enveloping), delivery of contracts to clients, scanning contracts and handover of completed and signed contracts.

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