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Lease and implementation of call centre technology

Why should you buy expensive technology and software for your own call centre, if you can lease it from us at zero capital cost?

Outsourcing brings a number of benefits which will become evident in your business strategic decisions.

In this case, you will pay only one monthly fee depending on the number of operator positions, used in your premises by your own employees. The fee already includes all functionalities of the system bringing a competitive advantage to your competition. For the monthly flat fee, we provide use of our servers and telephone exchanges, system updates, technical administration and supervision on a 24/7 basis. After we make an agreement, we will be glad to provide you with additional services with a higher added value.

Additionally, we will be glad to provide you with necessary trainings for the systems and technologies or trainings tailored for your operators – communication, presentation or selling skills.

As one of the largest contact centres in Central Europe, we have available state-of-the-art technologies and in case of a lease, you will have guaranteed the necessary availability of service and coverage of your activities in client communication.

Additionally, we provide a necessary support and assistance in setup and configurations of our systems in accordance with your needs.

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Lease of B2B and B2C databases

The success of every direct marketing campaign is based on a high-quality database. Our client databases updated on a daily basis will be fully made available to you.

Thus we will help you to gain a competitive advantage in implementation of your marketing campaigns. Thanks to many years of creation and constant updating of our databases, we can define a proper target group for your products and services, and, consequently, improve effectiveness of the financial funds spent for addressing prospective clients.

Selection and filtration of databases

Our B2B databases can be selected using a number of criteria, such as scope of activities per statistical classification of business activities, form of capital participation, number of employees or annual turnover.

Crystal Call operates its own CRM system, containing all available information of contacts in our databases and allowing filtering databases exactly by your requirements: We have made this system using our long-standing and unique know-how, and as a result, the system is equipped with special protective features and optional updates of databases using predefined keys. It goes without saying that all processes are strictly subject to the existing legislation in the relevant EU country.

Should our database not include the criteria required by you, we can make for you a tailored contact database based on your criteria.

Take the opportunity to lease a B2B database and ask us to prepare a price offer for you.

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Rely on our long-term experience and ask real professionals for advice!

This is your opportunity to use our long-term experience and knowledge from operation of contact centres and back office activities, to improve your effectiveness in you financial funds and time management. We will prepare for you an analysis of use of internal funds and functioning of processes in your company. Additionally, we will develop a design of costs optimisation and use of funds in communication channels and back office.

Our experts will fully conform to your needs and prepare for you a system of tailored trainings and recommendations. Base on the gained knowledge, they will find best-fit supplier solutions resulting in reduction of financial costs and time savings for your staff.

Our comprehensive services include the initial analysis, preparation of draft solutions (visions), their implementations, subsequent evaluation and consulting. All processes are assessed on an ongoing basis and adjusted to reach the optimum shape aiming to reach effective results.

If you need to decide on a proper strategy for your company to progress or to submit the existing strategy to an independent analysis, do not hesitate and contact our sales department.

We will be pleased to meet with you and to prepare a non-binding price calculation for you.

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CRM implementation

In each of our telemarketing campaigns, besides the campaign itself, we strive to provide the client with an added value. Now learn how we do it.

It is thanks to using our internal CRM system.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM system helps us to understand the behaviour and needs of our existing and prospective clients thanks to targeted records and monitoring of their needs and requirements.

Services provide by Crystal Call company involve deployment of the local CRM system for subsequent interaction with the client in view of the contact centre. All data entered in the client’s “ID card” during the phone call, will be interactively used in further interactions with the client in the contact centre (for instance, during the second mutual discussion the operator can proactively communicate with the client with reference to previously presented offer or event and/or gat a more detailed feedback than the one obtained during the first phone call).

After the campaign is over, we will make all knowledge gained this way available to you in a predefined form to use it for further interaction with the client.

We will be pleased to prepare a non-binding price offer for you based on your needs. Contact our sales department, please.

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Direct mailing, direct e-mailing

Besides telemarketing, another effective way of how to address clients is to send e-mails or e-mails to their addresses.

Effectiveness of direct mailing and e-mailing is in direct contacting the target group through sending offer sheets, leaflets, catalogues or presentations.

We will be pleased to use many years of our experience in direct mailing to clients in your favour. In direct mailing, we provide comprehensive services from draft visualization of leaflets or letters to distribution and delivery thereof. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with our business partners, we can provide the services to you under very favourable terms.

You could also use our e-mailing services including creation of an e-mail account and graphic design.

The above described forms of addressing can be combined or used as a supplement to a telemarketing campaign.

We will be pleased to present to you in person further details on the best form of addressing a target client group.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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SMS marketing

Via SMS, you can address customers in groups or individually, with presentation of new products, services or events to be prepared.

Additionally, you can use SMSs to remind your clients of close deadlines or unpaid receivables.

SMS services can also be used as a supplementary tool in telemarketing campaigns to inform your client of, e.g., a date and place of a personal meeting agreed by phone or your company’s address and contact details.

Thanks to many years of our cooperation with a number of telecommunication providers, we can provide to you comprehensive SMS services at very favourable terms.

We can send SMSs either at one go or in waves, exactly as you may wish. Additionally, we can define details of the sender, i.e., instead of the sender’s phone number, the text displayed to the addressee is e.g., the name of your company or the product that you wish to promote.

Ask us to prepare a non-binding price offer for you with complete information on options in use of our SMS services.

Contact our sales department, please.

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Direct marketing analyses and advisory

The success of every campaign is based on choosing the right and targeted strategy of addressing the existing or prospective clients. Try it with us!

In direct mailing and marketing we have extensive and long-term experience. We will be pleased to prepare for you a tailored offer, including our recommendation of the best-fit marketing strategy, form, timing and specific of addressing of various groups of clients.

Our telemarketing experts will prepare for you, exactly by your requirements, an independent direct marketing strategy, comprised of the following points:

  • choosing of the proper contact database,
  • choosing the way and form of addressing,
  • preparing the call script – a detailed document for the operator taking into account all possible reactions of the respondents with an instruction of how to answer),
  • definition of the best timing and form of addressing the clients,
  • selection of a proper number of operators and their training,
  • draft wording of reports and statics,
  • training of your employees.

Additionally, we offer advisory and consulting services for the existing campaigns, which will be analysed by our experts and the experts will then prepare a list of recommendations and changes aiming to increase your success rate in addressing your clients.

Trainings for your employees

Besides analyses and recommendations we offer trainings for your employees which can be provided upon your request by our trainers and lecturers with many years of experience in direct marketing.

If you need to select a proper strategy of direct mailing to your clients or to submit the existing strategy to an independent analysis, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to meet you in person and to prepare a non-binding price calculation for you.

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Trainings and workshops for your employees

We will be pleased to share with you our long-term experience in telemarketing and client communication. We will teach you how to earn more.

We will prepare either individual or group trainings with our trainers and lecturers, who will help them to develop their soft skills, mainly in:

communication, reasoning, assertiveness, fear control, working under stress, active listening, handling objections, selling skills.

Our trainers will prepare individual training plans for your employees and will help them to develop their skills needed for improving their work performance.

They will use mystery shopping and mystery calls as the basis for preparation of a real analysis of areas in which your employees need assistance and advice. The resulting knowledge will then be applied in examples presented in trainings and thus our trainers will show your employees real mistakes made in communication with clients.

Deadlines and places of trainings will be fully adjusted to your needs and requirements. Additionally, we will prepare necessary technical equipment to minimise training expenses.

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Back office aktivity

We will provide you with all “Back office” activities a help you to unburden your employees from less effective activities. We save your time.

Outsourcing of Back office services is a guarantee of high-quality and thoroughly performed work, the progress and results of which will be reported to you regularly, on a daily basis. We will ensure performance of all activities in preparation, sorting, scanning, receiving and sending postal correspondence, as well as comprehensive services in e-mail communication.

Storage of documents

As a matter of course we receive telephone calls with maintaining transparent records and recording relevant information.

Thanks to many years of our cooperation with a number of forwarding companies, we can ensure delivery of documents and contracts at very favourable terms. As a standard, we perform their subsequent selection and entry to your information system.

For all Back office activities, we are able to guarantee (through SLA) quality and frequency of processing in accordance with your requirements.

By outsourcing of Back office services to us, you can significantly reduce your costs and improve efficiency of your employees’ work.

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Archiving and digitalization of documents

Have your documents stored with us and save your space and time of your employees. Use the possibility to store documents and files in our secure and monitored archiving premises.

We will provide comprehensive archiving services, from receiving, through marking and storage to preparation of a transparent listing.

Our archiving facilities meet high safety and spatial criteria. Upon request, we are prepared to present the premises to you in person.

Additionally, we offer a supplementary service in digitalization of documents, to make them promptly available to you whenever you need them, without the need to look for hardcopies. Your documents will be used for downloading in electronic form only that data which is relevant for you in maintenance of records and registers.

Use our services in archiving and digitalization of documents. Contact our sales department and ask us to prepare a non-binding price offer for you.

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