Client service (Customer Care)

Each company has to provide its customers with necessary care and support to ensure its successful operation. We will make it our job for you!

A good choice to provide customers with an adequate care and necessary information at the right time is the client service line.

We will be glad to make use of our many years of experience in operation of client service lines in your favour and to provide you with top quality comprehensive services. For each of our clients we operate a tailored CRM system maintaining relevant information of calling customers and the information is made available through regular reports. Thanks to this system you can gain a better knowledge of your customers, their needs and requirements. It goes without saying that the line can be operated on a non-stop basis in any language versions selected by you.

As we aim to provide our clients with top quality of the provided services, we use state-of-the art technologies allowing us to achieve the objectives defined by the client more effectively.

Technological services, provided to our clients include, e.g.: Total Recording – recording each phone call, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or secured connection with the client to avoid any leakage of confidential information.

Quality of all phone calls is monitored by our experts, who replay the calls and then analyse the calls together with operators and thus we can constantly improve quality of calls and satisfaction of calling clients.

Upon your request, we will present to you our references and experience in operation of client service lines.

Ask us to prepare for you a non-binding price offer for use of our call centre customer care services.

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Client service, infolines, help desk

A client service line can be regarded as a benefit for the end customers providing them with access to required information on products and services. Get ahead of your competitors with us!

We will be glad to provide you with comprehensive client service line activities in the scope requested by you, in language versions, on a 24/7 basis and with a guaranteed quality and availability.

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Order lines

Use our services in outsourcing of order lines and let your employees to attend to more effective activities.

Our operators will provide all necessary services and acts to enable your customers to order goods or services from you easily by phone.

If you operate an internet shop, you certainly have a number of phone calls from your potential customers. We will ensure that the calls are responded in a proper quality and we will guarantee availability of your order live in accordance with the agreed SLA parameters.

You will be informed of the course of all phone calls via summary reports made on a daily basis. Additionally, we will divide the calls in groups as order calls and information calls and thus rather than answering questions your time could be spent for dealing with actual orders.

In case of outsourcing of an order line, besides sale by phone, the contact centre can ensure storage, packing and distribution of goods in the Slovak Republic and signing of the related documents including identification of the client.

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“Colourful” lines – 0800, 0850

The portfolio of our telemarketing services includes numbers with a favoured charging 0800 xxx xxx (green line) and 0850 xxx xxx (blue line).

Establishing a favoured line for end customers is an effective marketing step, allowing clients to enhance the level of the client service and provided services, which is finally reflected in customer satisfaction.

Upon your request we will be glad to establish and operate for you colourful lines not only in Slovakia, but also in other European and world countries.

If you are interested in obtaining comprehensive information of our services in provision and operation of “colourful” lines, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

The most frequently used colourful lines are:

Green line (0800) – is a free number for client calls; it serves to overcome financial barriers of the caller. As a standard, we offer creation of the so-called black list to eliminate repeated and unauthorised calls.

Blue line (0850) – the principle of operation is similar to the green line, however, in this case the costs of calling are shared between the caller and the client. This line allows clients to make calls at lower prices which do not discourage from making the call.

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IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is an automated voice system allowing certain information to be provided or received from the client without an intervention of a live operator.

This is a sales promotion tool for products and services, and it is also used to serve inbound calls. IVR also allows calls or orders to be collected and sorted in groups, which guarantees minimum staff costs with top quality of processing.

Another possible use of our IVR system is identification of the caller based on PIN or the phone number, allowing you to assign various product and service groups to selected groups of customers.

In case of queuing of callers, our IVR system can replay to clients e.g. latest news which might be of their interest or give automated response to frequently asked questions. Another option for the caller is to leave an audio message, SMS, e-mail notification or a call back request.

IVR as a supplementary solution

IVR can be combined as a supplementary solution to an infoline with a live operator or it can be enabled during the period between the end and the beginning of the operation of the infoline.

Last, but not least, IVR system can be used as an outbound telemarketing tool – for satisfaction surveys and/or making s database of prospective clients.

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